Premier Customized business Language Training

Engage your key personnel in an on-site  language acquisition program administered by ESL INTERNATIONAL's certified staff.  Our customized language training process is designed for the benefit of business clients who are needing English or Spanish training. 

Our Process

ESL INTERNATIONAL-LLC (ESLI) begins by administering language assessments to evaluate the initial language skills of those involved in our business language training program. The results, alongside key work-related terminologies, and individual business needs assists in structuring the language instruction.  Assessment outcomes drive the instructional design.

We have teamed with Arturo Hernandez, Ph.D., Cognitive Science and Psychology from the University of Houston, and author of "The Bilingual Brain" to aid in brain research as it deals with language acquisition.  ESLI has developed key instructional categories and tools to assist in monitoring client progress.  The following categories provide the instructional objectives:

Group Discussion

Objective 1: Grammar
To implement the foundation for formal and informal language by incorporating proper grammatical usage for daily and work related vocabulary.

Objective 2: Pronunciation
To encourage articulation of consonant and vowel sounds. To enhance listening skills to improve pronunciation and fluency.

Objective 3: Comprehension
To improve and reinforce comprehension through common terminologies, work-related terminologies, reading, and speaking.

Objective 4: Conversations
To become more proficient in understanding spoken conversations