bilingual ideology 

Bilingualism, whether political, societal, on the job, or in education, accents the cultural base from whence language was derived. The enigma is that our country is founded on the migration of individuals to the United States as they settled in various parts of the country.  The influences of European culture and language created the necessity for individuals to learn English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Native American languages to trade and do business.

Over time, English, though a much more difficult language to learn, became the language of choice.  Individuals who did not speak English were unjustly criticized, taken advantage of, and were considered inept.

In today's world, bilingualism has become a positive asset politically, societally, in business, and in all areas of education.  We at ESL INTERNATIONAL-LLC strongly believe that language is not a barrier.  It is a bridge of support to learn another language.  Bilingualism has become the way of business around the world.

ESLI provides customized, quality language instruction to businesses, so they have the capacity to experience success in the global economy.


Join our innovative language acquisition company.  ESL INTERNATIONAL-LLC is now hiring certified language instructors.  

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job qualifications 

• Must have excellent communication skills
• Must be Bilingual Certified (specifically in Spanish) 
• Minimum of ten (10) years of classroom teaching experience
• Must be able to teach grammar.
• Ability to use PowerPoint, Word, and Excel


• Implement the ESLI instructional process
• Contribute to the instructional process
• Be verbally engaging with the client to increase language instruction
• Participate in team roundtable discussions 

All positions require a degree in education, confidentiality, and patience.

Bilingual Education


A part-time position is currently open and available to fully certified bilingual instructors. You will provide Japanese engineers who are fully devoted to learning Spanish. You may be expected to provide instruction in a group environment or one-to-one. You must be dependable, flexible, and team  oriented.

The position requires confidentiality and patience. Consideration for this position requires a degree in education with a certification in bilingual education and a minimum of ten (10) years teaching experience.

Team Training

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