About Us

ESL INTERNATIONAL-LLC (ESLI) was founded in 2012 by Barron E. White.  As a former educator and businessman for over forty years, he witnessed a disconnect between bilingual and monolingual companies doing business in the United States and along the Mexico borders.  After speaking with one of the representatives from one of the world largest automotive parts manufacturers, he formulated a customized language program, and with Martha Mendoza, his V.P. of Curriculum & Instruction, fully developed and implemented the process.  Also, Arturo Hernandez, Ph.D., Cognitive Science and Psychology from the University of Houston, and author of "The Bilingual Brain ," joined them to assist with the language learning process by using his brain research theories.

After six years of arduous dedication to improving the customization of language learning,  ESL INTERNATIONAL's development has proved to be an effective process that not only improved their client's functionality in the new language, but also data indicates the level of language they were learning.

ESLI is moving forward to bring this proprietary development to other businesses and to the arena of public education.